How to Join

Rathcoole AC are currently reviewing our capacity, with a view to an intake of new members when we return from our summer break at end of August/beginning of September. In the next few weeks, we will contact people on our Waiting List to confirm whether or not there will be space for them.

To join our waiting list, follow the instructions below.
Please note: adding your name to the Waiting List does not guarantee a space in Rathcoole AC.


Children must be at least 7 years of age to join Rathcoole AC.
Do not add your child’s name to the Waiting List until you have read this document: Information for Prospective New Members 2019.
The purpose of that document is to provide parents of prospective new members with relevant information about our Club to enable them to make an informed decision about whether or not athletics, and Rathcoole AC, is definitely the right choice for your child at this time.

So, please read the Information for Prospective New Members 2019 document and if your child is definitely still interested in athletics, and is definitely still interested in joining Rathcoole AC, then click on the “Join Our Waiting List” button, and enter the required information.

Rathcoole AC